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Is this gay behavior?

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Hi! I just need to know other's thoughts. Is it normal for a straight man to use vibs on himself (anal) and also to shave his legs, or is this gay behaviour? Plus he shaves almost the rest of his body. I'm just confused this all started in like the last 6 months and we have been together for 4 years and two kids.
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Okay, I guess you want me to go more in-depth.


I know of males who enjoy anal stimuation but are not homosexual. Believe it or not many men ask their women to provide anal stimulation for them.


The shaving of the legs is nothing gay, some men prefer different things.

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I've tried to plenty of times, and he refuses to talk to me. he will tell me something like its nothing, or he's just streeed out, nothing is wrong, but we were susposted to get married in November and 3 months ago to called it off. I'm just so confused and don't know what to do. I love him but I will not be with him if he is not straight, that's just something I'm not into.

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if he uses a vibrator, there is no reason to believe he's gay, there are alot of men who enjoy anal stimulation, just watch that sex show with the old woman talking about sex... i think it's the sunday night sex show, but you'll hear of alot men who do that.


If he shaves his legs, that's not common, but i dont think it means hes gay, maybe he's in touch with his femanine side *shrugs* i really dont know why he does that.

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I'm a little confused, and need to straighten your story out. Correct me if I am wrong.


You have been "together" with this man since you were 17. You have two children together. You are about to be married, but in the last six months he has suddenly cut off having sex. He instead prefers to pleasure himself, including anal stimulation with a vibrator. He also has shaved his legs and body.


Is this all correct? Is there anything else to add?


I think the fact that this is happening in conjunction with your proposed wedding should send up red flags. Can you get couples counseling?

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For once I am sorry I was right.


I hope you and your children have friends who will support you through this. How really, really awful for you.


Someone very close to me is separated from her husband of fourteen years after he decided to tell her he was gay-- and had been unfaithful going back over ten years.


So you really are not alone in this. It happens. Whatever you do, don't blame yourself.


Please go to supportive friends, and get some professional help.


I hope you will be happy again.

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I just read about all of your posts and everyone else's. I am sorry. That is horrible.


How are you doing now? How are your kids? Have you been able to talk to your ex about this at all?


I have to admit before I got to the last few posts I was thinking he sounds gay.


take care

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