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Hey everyone! Well, I have a small question for you guys. There's this guy I like (he's 21, I'm 19) and I know he has noticed me but there are certain barriers which have caused our relationship to be casually professional. I would like for him to ask me out but I know that I would probably have to hint at it a bit, I'm just kinda shy around him... any suggestions on how to do this?


thanks a bunch...xoxo

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You're in the same business as him? use your e-mail. Ask him if he want to lunch with you. Having lunch and taking a beer loosen up people usually.


Because he's a guy and because you're working together he might never hit on you. Sexual harassment is something we guys keep in mind and even if he noticed you he might never make the first move just by fear of any consequence on either his reputation or his job.


If you're too shy maybe you can get a group together and all of you can go somewhere. Sit next to him and talk to him as much as possible. Walk by his side when you get in and out, it will help a lot to make him see you're interested in him.


Good luck.

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