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Big Problem


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I really need your Help.


I have known this girl for about a year. We went out for a while and got on great and then i lost my license and couldn't see her anymore (she lived far away).


We still spoke to each other via Msn. I went away for two weeks and when i came back she had blocked me because she thought i had blocked her.


I tried speaking to her but she wouldn't listen so i just left it. Havn't contacted her for about 3 months now (until the other day).


I was thinking about her alot and i wanted to know how she was so i made a fake email addy and added her.


We got talking and at first she thought it was me! After a while, she believed me to be someone else.


We are getting on great with my new identity and she seems to really like me. She even saw a picture of me and said i was very pretty (i have drastically changed my hair style so she didn't recognise me).


I really like this girl and i couldn't bear to lose her. She's special.


What do i do?


Come clean and tell her it's really me and risk her going mad?


Or forget about this different addy and try and contact her via my normal one?


Or something else?


...........PLEASE HELP

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Well it's nice to know I am not the only one that has done that as well, for me it didn't work out. I never told her I made a new id to talk to her but she never talk to me with my old id either. So that was where it ended.


I can tell you if she wont talk to you with your old id the id she knows is you she doesn't want to be with you any more and you should let it go.

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