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Big deal or not


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So I was out with a bunch of friends and strangers at a function. There was a girl in the group I liked. Let's call her A. Three of my friends (a female, and two males that I considered my best friends) decided to help me talk to her more and asked her along with another girl friend of hers out to bars after the function.


So 6 of us left the function and went to bars. All my friends knew what we were going out for. So we went to a bar, and the girls (including my female friend) got drunk. One of my male friends and A's friend left the bar earlier. So four of us (me, the said girl, my female friend and my other male friend - let's call him B) stayed longer. B needed to give us a ride and since the girls were drunk we both each helped one of them walk to the car. B helped the girl I was supposed to talk to walk to his car and drove back to where my female friend and I were to pick us up.I later realized B and A had made out in B's car. Do you think this is a big deal or you think since I wasn't associated with A in any ways, it's cool that they made out and I should just move on and don't feel betrayed by B's action in spite of the fact that we considered ourselves our best friends? I haven't been talking to B since the incident.

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Why are you relying on your friends to get anywhere with this girl?


Talk to her yourself, approach her yourself. Stop trying to take advantage of the situation to be left alone with her, do it yourself. Its not a nice thing what B did, but is it worth ending a friendship over? Not really. There was a night 2 years ago I was out with my friends. A girl approached me telling me that her friend thought I was cute and I should go talk to her. I told her I thought she was cute and not her friend. So I ended up with that girl that night. What relevance has this got to the story? Its not attractive to be going through the avenues of your friends. If you cant say it yourself you dont really have much of a chance with her to begin with.

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