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Having a hard time on this roller coaster


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It's been almost 4 months Post BU, on this so called roller coaster of emotions.

Is it normal to feel manic depressive at these times?? Some days are great, almost happy to be doing much better than first few weeks of BU... But sometimes like this weekend, are the lowest opposite end of emotions possible when all I can think of is how much I miss him.

Anyone have any input? Or what did you do to get through these hard times?

Thank you

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The roller coaster will continue for a while. Recovering after a breakup is not a linear process. I'm 4 and a half months out and I've had good weeks and bad weeks. Emotions will just hit me out of nowhere and blindside me just when I thought I was through it. You have to make an active effort to refocus your thoughts difficult as it is.

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