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Dealing with signs and reminders of ex everywhere!!

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Not just small things, not places we shared with one another, or things we did together.


The first two weeks after we broke up my best friend kept running into him all over the city. They don't run in the same circles and this never happened before.


Today I am sitting and working in a coffeeshop on my huge campus with 30,000 people wandering around, I get this sudden feeling that a distant voice sounds familiar. I look up and my ex's mother (!) is sitting accross from me.


Things like this keep happening. It could all be mere coincidence of course. I'm not sure what I believe of higher powers but it is like the universe is doing a damn good job of keeping his memory around.


Do things like this happen to you? How do you deal with it? I really would just like his presence out of my head.

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It is indeed tough aardvark. I ran into my ex on campus the other day and I acted like I did not see him. We passed each other by a few feet. Best thing to do is to accept that you might run into people linked to your ex but for instance you could tell your friends NOT to tell you if they run into him. As for the ex's mom, well either you suck it up and have a casual conversation with her or if it's too hard for you (which is perfectly understandable) then tell her that you think she is a great person but you cannot talk to her as it doesn't really help you with dealing with the BU. I'm sure she will understand.

Take these reminders as tests the world is sending your way and that you will pass with flying colors. You will learn from those.

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It still happens for me in unexpected ways. Things I enjoyed before "us", then we enjoyed together, now we enjoy apart, remind me that he'd rather enjoy them without me. A starry night, a walk in the woods, fresh snow. In dealing with it I can notice it and let it go, or watch it, watch my thoughts, my feelings, the remnant attachment, and try to understand what is behind that attachment. And let it go, and enjoy what I enjoy, enjoying my own company along with it.


It is not the same as running into them, but it's life. It takes time for the emotional self to catch up with "what is".

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i ve had the same thing happen to me a while back i would ran into her uncle or her friends. her sister would contact me to do some work for her.

alot of different things they have stopped now i thought it might be some higher source trying to get us back together but i guess that didnt work out.

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