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This dream......makes me sick!


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so i woke up to this horrible dream...more like disgusting.


Let me share a little background- 1st ex-name "Chris" (we ended up on bad terms with him destroying my credit, hes immature and worthless) 2nd ex (most recent) "Thomas" ( we had a mutual agreement about the break up still miss him)


In this dream i was laying in bed with my second ex just chit chatting about our day. It felt good that he came over to see me and we're somewhat getting close again. But then he somehow turned into my 1st ex, and i became utterly disgusted!! I grab his things and said to him " what are you doing here? We broke up for a reason, i want nothing to do with you" I grab his things and tossed it outside and he stood there confused as if i wanted to be with him again.


I woke up with this disgusting feeling towards my second ex, I'm not sure if this is a sign telling me that i'm just blinded by his love to really see that he's a total jerk as well, and that its pointless to try to reconcile things with him? but my second ex has always been so kind,he's nothing like my first ex. I'm not sure how to feel after this dream....


could be that im going to financial crap right now with the 1st ex, he's telling me its not his problem, when it is entirely. I just don't understand how my 2nd ex got into the picture.


what would you guys make out of this dream?>

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