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How do you let go in a relationship and be vulnerable? how do you just be free and enjoy the relationship, while trusting and loving? I need advice on how to be confident and vulnerable at the same time...

All the help would be appreciated


The biggest factor is time.


How long it takes you to open up and trust someone is all relative to how open you are to being hurt. Some people are so callous that it takes them years to open up and enjoy a relationship, if ever. Others jump in too fast and end up getting badly hurt because they opened themselves up to someone who stomped all over them.


Just trust in your own decisions and go with your gut. If you feel something isn't right then it isn't. If you feel as if things are going well then it is. Trust yourself and your own decision making.


When you're confident you're with the right person and more importantly you trust YOURSELF you made the right decision then being vulnerable comes easy. Do not play one against the other. They are synonymous.

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I took a really awesome class in college and we talked about this. The professor basically said that people don't realize how much power they truly have over others. All people naturally seek to meet expectations other people have of them. As in, you know that your mother expects you to act a certain way. Maybe she makes statements like "my daughter is such a bookworm" and therefore around her you tend to be a bookworm. Your best might say "man you are so crazy when you're drunk" and as a result when you are drunk with that friend you act crazy. It's proven. When people think a certain thing about us, we naturally act in a way that satisfies that opinion (whether we like it or not).


So in a relationship, treat your boyfriend as if he's the most trustworthy guy in the world. If he knows that you have that expectation and opinion of him, he'll naturally act in a way that meets that. Generally. My professor was so funny about this, he was like "ladies, now you know how to find a prince. Meet a regular guy and treat him like a prince and he'll act like a prince."


I think it makes sense.

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