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Really confusing situation , need help !

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Well it's kind of a long and confusing story but I could really do with some advice to give me some peace of mind.


Basically I am 17 years old and I have always been rather curious about my sexuality as in not sure where I fall (I'm pretty sure it's Bi) Everyone around me thinking I am straight though . Basically after a very tough year in my life I finally did the right thing and went to college, where I have met so many amazing people and I LOVE going there! I look forward to going. But there's this gay guy in my class who I think I have started to have a really good connection with. It's like that feeling when you just know that there is something there? And I mean more than freinds, if I was to go into detail I'd be here all day. We just get along really well and I can definitley feel sparks there! It's weird but just take my word for it that there is some kind of chemistry between us. Hard thing is I don't know HOW to act around him anymore? it's really hard because there's a part of me that gets the "falling in love" feeling and actually starts to think of ways to be even more flirty then we pretty much have been. But obviously him thinking him straight is causing this very odd relationship kind of like one minute there's more than just "freindliness" as in long stares , giddy behaviour and stuff like that and alot more. Then the next minute it's like I just snap out of it and forget about the whole situation because I feel it's all hopeless in the end anyway. Because I myself don't know what I want from this situation. Although the question may seem a bit vague I suppose the question I am asking for is what some of you would do in this situation? How would you go about maybe letting on that you do actually like him without just coming out and saying it for obvious reasons (He may not be interested and I can just be crazy, I don't necessarily want to come out as bi because things can change ) .. I have no idea! I just feel very, confused? I just really wish there was someone who could sympathise with me on this! It probably makes no sense but I guess right now all I want is to maybe see if I could get the point accross I like him but in a subtle way... and then just see what happens from there. I'm aware there's not going to be much of a reaction if he thinks I am straight etc but I'm fairy certain he could guess I'm not from the way he's been acting. but then sometimes the whole confusion of this entire situation makes me want to pull back I just have no idea how to act or how to behave in this situation? Is there anyone who can actually give me a hint as to what to do ? ( A nice one to please haha ). It may seem like this question makes no sense at all and I'm sorry if that is so but that's another way you should notice how confused I am with this whole situation...


P.s I got really really jealous today when I found out he'd been with somebody at the weekend which he'd regretted and was very drunk. I hadn't felt that since my last relationship with my ex girlfriend though, it was incredibly intense and made me honestly think that I must be falling madly for this person. I would just love some answers because I have no way of figuring this out ! Or how i could even let on I like him in a subtle way. Argh I don't know

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try not to label yourself, sexuality is a very complex for some people. google the kinsey scale, it might help you find out what your sexuality is. as for the guy, if your really serious about dating him then continue the flirting and maybe some of the things you did to start a relationship with your ex. you have plenty of time to find someone so try not to rush things.

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