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I don't think I wanna keep going


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I am having a really difficult time right now, I have never reached out like this before but I need to tell somebody about this. I want to die. There is no reason for me to stay. I have nobody. I stay shut up in my room for the entire day and nobody ever wants to do anything with me and for good reason. I am boring as hell and have no good qualities. My personal opinion is at an all time low and the worst thing is that it takes nothing for me to feel this way. It is just the way it is. It's a matter of desire. I have no desire to stay in a place where I am so alone. I just really need a hand right now.

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I know the feeling, I truly do. Was there a time when you didn't feel this way? Did you have friends before? I know it seems very easy to fall into this line of thought, but can you pinpoint the cause? Don't give up without exhausting all your options. Reach out to those who know you, those you can confide in. See a counselor/therapist/priest (many are actually trained counselors who will gladly see you regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof) Try to remember back to a happy time. What were you doing? Can you recreate that sensation?

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Aww it's OKay I have felt that way too life's an emotional rollercoaster

What is making you want to die? is it you live somewhere like WAshington state where it rains alot?

is anyone in your family abusive to you?

do they put you down

"Life isn't about finding yourself it's about CREATING yourself"

YOU can create yourself

Seriously look at Michael Jackson he even changed his skin color/eyes/hair/teeth/nose/face

he went his own way in life did his own thing


I really do believe life is so much about creating yourself


When I was a teenager I was very fat/obese! and ugly...I had tons of acne...I was SOOOO ugly! with this kinky hair...

i never got asked out...i was pretty boring

Anyway I don't know how I ended up doing it but I decided to change, I read everything I could on attitude and inner and outter beauty

I learned how to do my hair and makeup, I lost all the weight, I got some exercise equipment and started to work out, i tanned

i got good jobs i just kept plugging along

about the acne i saved and bought myself stuff to help

i always paid for my own things since i was a kid, from age 5 i was asking friends and family members if i could do odd jobs etc so there is never an excuse for anyone to not change into who they WANT to be

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I don't know what it is. I just do not connect with people at all. I guess if anything I don't want to bother them with stupid stuff they don't care about. As for reaching out to people, I can't without being ridiculed or looked at differently. Ever since I was ten I have done a good job of keeping off peoples radar and ya I have some friends but nobody I can say anything too.

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Babe. Suffered from depression for over 15 years...it gets better. If you don't go within you go without....you must find the beautiful qualities that you have. Make a list of the things you like about u. I highly recommend conversations with god to read...it helped me see the beauty in me and is helping me so so much. There is only one you, no one else like you. You are special and gifted and blessed. Hugs n love.

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How can you be sure you'll be ridiculed? The vast majority of people are too concerned with themselves and how they come accross. Remember, people are not thinking about you half as much as they're thinking about themselves. We all have anxiety, we all avoid situations due to irrational fears. I would see someone and seek help. Do you know how many people suffer with social anxiety? It truly seems an epidemic of sorts in modern society. Seriously, see a counselor, describe how you feel, discuss everything, and see what can be done. Isn't it worth a little effort, if the end result is someone who is confident, sociable, and successful?

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I just want to say thank you for talking to me about this. I have my good days and my bad and I have been in a very downhill spiral for about 2 years now. It was just another very bad night alone and I did not want to do that alone again. So thank you all for at least replying to this. I am ok now. I am thinking I will try to get help through counseling of some form. Thank you so much.

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I have had these exact same thoughts and am actually going through the same thing that you are now. it sucks but what i've found that has helped me is to actually open up to people and tell them how you are feeling, because that way you really find out who cares about you and who wants you in the world. i've had thoughts, even yesterday about wanting to end it all, but i didnt and went out to dinner with a friend then went to a holiday party instead and you know what I had a great time. I really felt like i belonged and it was nice to just relax with friends. i know it sometimes seems like you have nothing going for you and your life is terrible, but what you need to do is step back from that and realize all the good things in life and how much you can enjoy it. (i realize i should be telling myself the exact same thing lol) so idk if i helped at all or not but i wanted to tell you i know how you feel and you are NOT alone

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