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I've never felt like this before but... i need help right now


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Im alone at home and i feel so low right now. Im actually scared of myself and feel like im gonna hurt myself. I keep imagining ways i might do that... the only thing thats really stopping me is having to explain marks later. Im not even sure if what Im typing makes any sense. This is weird but i just feel like I need someone to calm me down. please help me

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you there? You are not alone.

I have been in that place before. It will pass. Breath. What helps ground you? Food? Ciggerettes? Walking?

Do you have a friend you can call now. If not there are free talk numbers, suicide and depressed hotlines you can call.

One night I was so freaked out. I called one of those hotline numbers. I HAD to talk to someone right then. I found a number online.


what's going on? Why are you so upset? What could help?

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I think at times we all feel that way.

I know I do. I spend days at a time alone. sometimes I run over and see a friend for a little bit. It gets lonely.

But people do care. more than you realize.

Too bad about your phone. You can send me a message on here if you want rather than post on here.

What is going on?

At least your not in jail!

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Hi there,


How are you going now?


Thoughts in themselves are quite normal, only becoming harmful when they are frequent and we decide to act on them. May I ask what has made you feel this way? he only way to combat these thoughts is to find the reason behind them, the real reason.


Someone once asked me "Can you get through it?" and I thought it was a stupid question, because of course I was going to get through it, there was no other choice, but how was I going to feel?Looking back now I realise she was trying to emphasise that I will get through everything. Hopefully that can be a little silver lining, that no matter what it is that is bothering you, you will get through it. (Haha not sure if that made sense!).


PM me if you ever want to talk

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