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Have you done this or been thru this


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Im speaking of long term relationships...


Have you ever been in love with someone, then all of a sudden you get physically attracted to someone else. You started to push the one you LOVE away just for someone you liked. if so how did it turn out, do you ever regret leaving the one that you truly cared about you for the one that you liked. Did you learn anything from it.

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No I've never done that and never will, but I'll still offer my insight.


Besides the fact that it's just a ridiculously shallow and disrespectful thing to do, it's so weak. There are always individuals out there who we will find physically attractive when we are in a relationship, but only someone with the maturity and discipline of a child will actually act on it. It's so selfish. Regrets? I've never done it, but my last ex did and hell yes she regrets it. Some would call it karma - I call it stupidity. It's easy for me to walk away because it showed me that her true colours are grey, not so easy for her becuase she lost someone really special. I felt guilty for her loss for a while, but I'm getting over it. Has she learnt an important lesson? I imagine she has.

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A friend of mine thought the "grass was greener". She went for it. A month later, she regretted the decision, but the dice had been rolled, her life changed forever. 15 years together...and she gave it up because she thought she wanted someone else.


My other friend (her SO) told her, when she came crawling back, that she had made her choice and didn't want to be second fiddle to whoever catches her fansy. It's all him, or nothing.

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yeah. that has happened to me. i pushed the one i loved out of the way, and it got really difficult for me to think about. and i ended up making some poor decisions with this other man, never telling my current boyfriend about it. i ended up cutting the other man out of my life, and trying to work on my relationship, because i felt as if it was more important to me. the feelings of attraction towards this person lessened. i actually had him come over my house recently to see if the attraction was still there or not, or if i loved him, and the feelings were not as strong as i thought they were. this kind of thing happens. we are always tested and confused in our relationships. some of us make poor decisions and some of us dont. but there is NOTHING wrong with being confused and wanting to make sure you are with the right person.

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