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Why do i feel alone? - maybe i know.. (long story)


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Why do i feel so alone? man... im in grade 11. when i was in the 9th grade i was popular played football, partied...What goes around comes around hey? I dont get it anymore none of my friends keep in touch even my best friend quits asking to hang out hes hanging out with our other friends all the time i never get an invite to play hockey or call of duty with them or even party like seriously.. Its upseting espically cause i used to be friendly to every one. Okay thats a lie well i was to my friends but sometimes i was mean making fun of them picking on nerdy little kids that are known for partying and etc. I have a Gf we have been dating for a year and 8 months but i even told her that i feel alone and she had nothing to say to it. Like honestly grade 9 was my year everyone knew me always wanted to hangout with me but two years have passed and when i walk down the hallways ill say hey to one of my friends and then theyll say hey turn around and say wanna do that next weekend with the guys?! Like where did i go wrong? And yeah ill have lunch with them but when its quite i dont know what to say when its 1 on 1 i still dont know what to say i used to be able to strike up a conversation but i feel like if i say something ill be put down. In those two years ive grown to be a * * * * to people who mock me but i use to have like texts from 6-10 different people a day. But now i stare at my phone and nothing comes in in a single day, im depressed all i do now is stay home and play xbox even on weekends its been day 8 and not a single text from anyone. Where did i go wrong? how do i get back out there? Does everyone hate me for what i did to them? Am i alone?

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Sorry you're feeling so down and out. I think you should talk to your parents about how you feel...Turn to people who are solid in your life. I think everyone has moments where they aren't as 'popular and surrounded by friends. That's just the ebb and flow of life. I would hate for you to think so down on yourself that you make any self destructive decisions, false beliefs about yourself. Be the best person you can be, think good thoughts about yourself. Maybe you should be the one to invite your friends to do something?

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Hello. Well, it MIGHT be related to how you said you used to act, but it could be something else too.

At this point it shouldn't matter, as long as you treat everyone with respect.


So, if you just stay at home playing Xbox you're going to miss the chance to socialize more and make new friends. To know what to talk about you have to be there and pay attention to what others are doing and saying.

For example, Who is one of the most popular guys?, why do others like him?, what kind of things is he interested in? I'm of course not saying you should copy him or his personality, you have yours and we know you're capable of making people like you, but you can learn how to act more relaxed, or how to improve your conversation skills by seeing how he handles things.


Don't worry if you say something wrong or that makes you feel awkard, if it happens just don't dwell on it and think that you'll do it better next time. Just remember to not make fun of others and you should be fine.


No matter how hard it seems, get yourself out there. Eternalsunrise gave you some fantastic advice: Be the one to invite others, send the texts, don't wait for them to contact you, ask about what they do, their plans or whatever.


Best of luck.

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