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Is it weird???


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Is it weird that when your ex girlfriend broke up with you but you still have a relationship with her son?? I met him when he was 1 half turning 2 wearing diaper and i help her raised him up til he was 3 now he isn't wearing diapers anymore.. We stay together for a long time i know it is not my responsibility to take care of him but personally i loved him i brought him brand new ninja turtle pajama today he was so excited to see me... She don't know about the pajama yet cause the kid was at her brother house while she was out clubbing...


I don't want him to ignore me but i do want him to remember me.. & the reason she broke up with me cause she didn't feel butterflies anymore soo i don't know... What would you guys do in this situation?

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It's hard when kids are involved but if the mum wants nothing to do with you, then you need to move on my friend. He is still only young so to be honest in 3 years or less time he won't even recognise you. You are obviously great with kids, but youll most likely have your own in the future! Good luck.

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