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Broke NC after 3 months and now Im upset..

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My ex and I was together for 5-6 months and broke up in mid August. The relationship wasnt the best, but I cared 100% about him (You can see my previous posts). He was verbally abusive and would do mean things like hang up on me, ignore me, silent treatment, and just break up with for dumb reasons. On August 15, he called and told me he just wanted to be single and didnt want a g/f anymore because he was tired of dealing with women. He said F*** you and hung up on me. Of course, I did the crying, begging, wanting to know why and became depressed. Well, instead of waiting for him to come back and moping around, I turned my negative energy to postitive energy. I started working out, started my Master's Degree, hanging out with friends, going on road trips, JUST GETTING MYSELF BACK! Well, 3 months later (actually last night) he calls me and text me saying he miss me and realize what he did to me was wrong. I am still hurt by what he did, but Im farther along than I was when he broke up with me. I was so mad last night that he would have the audacity to call me after all he done and think I would take him back. I couldnt sleep at all last night, just tossing and turning. I feel like I went back a few steps. I hadnt blocked his number before, but I did last night. Since my bday is tomorrow, he said he wants to see me. I am so upset at myself for answering his call..but Im definitely going back to NC.


Has anyone had this happened and what did you do?

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