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Question About Self Esteem


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I have a question. Would you feel self conscious if you had a higher IQ than 94% of the population, but lower than 6% of the population?


I have a friend who is still self conscious although a clinical psychologist said he tested into the 94th percentile, or 124 IQ range.


He still compares himself against the top 6%, and wishes it was higher.


Any advice would be appreciate, thanks!

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Sounds like mommy issues to me...



No seriously. Typically people who grow in a family/environment where nothing they do is ever good enough or they can always do better usually end up the same way as adults. It's a self-defeating prophecy because there's always someone else better (or potentially better) than you at anything you can do.


I'm willing to bet he's competitive about everything he does, constantly comparing with his peers/friends. It's an attitude that while you might make something of yourself, it usually ends in depression and low self-esteem when you can never live up to expectations.

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Okay, an IQ is just that, an IQ. It doesn't measure your intelligence and aptitude wholeheartedly. Why? Because let's look at it this way. Take a person who is amazing at art but sucks at mathematics. Then take an engineer who sucks amazingly at art but is awesome at mathematics. Both are quite intelligent and let's say both have within range IQs. So, can you say the art person is dumb for not knowing mathematics? And vice versa?


I don't pay attention to IQs because it's such a broad test and there are so many factors that contribute to intelligence. Are you going to let one test determine your intelligence?

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