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How long does it take?

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Hi, my ex husband and I have split after 6 years together. He decided a week and a half ago that he didnt want to be with my and our children anymore, he isnt made for family life (his quote) and wants to be single and do his own thing (on the motorbike that I bought him with my redundancy money in April), we had split up quite a few times previously (only for a few days - usually due to his drinking - he is a recovering alcoholic) But this time its for real and I am really trying to get my head round it, came totally out of the blue, we have a 5 year old boy and he hasnt even asked where daddy is (shows how much of a family man he was) also he said that this 'experience' has taught him that he is not a family man and better off on his own.


Anyway, I cant stop thinking about him, have lost over a stone in a week and a half through not eating, cant sleep, and signed off for 4 weeks with depression. I feel numb and so alone, but trying to be upbeat for my kids. Text him today to ask him if we could sort things out, said he cares for me but doesnt love me anymore and that we have just drifted apart. I cant believe it and am really struggling to cope.

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My ex WIFE did the same thing. Didnt want to be married, didnt want to be a mother, she had it all planned and moved out one day, took 1/2 the house and left while I was at work, kids at school. Blew my mind away. That was a year ago. I was devestated as in like * * * just happened? Although I did catch her cheating, after all said and done I look back and now saw that/when it was coming.

I guess it took me 6 months +/- to get over HER. One day laying out at the pool, slamming beers something just clicked and I was done. The very few times I have seen her, I am like ehh gross. The attraction/spark isnt there.

Do something with your life and move on. Get a hobby. Get a BF, just do things and days/weeks/months will go by and you will never have thought about him.

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