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Does love really exist?


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Yes, I am young, Yes, only 20 years old. But, I've been hurt numerous times by individuals. Yup, most of it my fault because I trust them to fast or fell for the games. I guess. I had three girlfriends, but i will have to say the last one hurt me the deepest. We dated for 10months I thought she truly loved me( she would travel two hours to see me) However I was wrong. She went back to her ex after five years of being broken up( im sure it was a lie, because getting back with someone after 5 years of no talking, is in fact a LIE, i am sure they broke up a few months before meeting me, and i was a rebound.) she gave me no closure, just blocked me with no explanation. thus, it has been three months since this betrayal. Although, I have been becoming bitter towards this whole thing called "love". Why is it I cant find someone who truly cares for me, i have went through so many people, and so many played and hurt me. Maybe i should give up? maybe love isnt in store for me? or I am not what girls need or want. I give up. I am tired of being hurt. I guess i just i needed to vent. *sigh*

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It might seem bad and its easy to say it'll will get better when you're on the outside, but it really will. I felt like that quite a bit during my relationship with my ex (you can read my story if you want to see what she did) when I gave her everything, and then some, in return for a cold-shoulder. But, I know that there will be someone eventually that will appreciate all the things I do for her, no need to rush it.

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Dude, you're only 20 years old. I bet half the people reading this just wanna smack you cause they're probably twice your age dealing with the same shizzle.

There are so many things I could say that will make you feel better, and they'll make total sense too cause I'm around your age as well, but I'll leave you to figure these things out because you've got a lot of time to figure it out plus it's a real aha moment, so I want you to experience that. Just take your time, don't rush, it's not a race.


One more thing:

"I had three girlfriends"

"i have went through so many people"

"Maybe i should give up?"


That's it? Try again.

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I am not what girls need or want. I give up.

Stop worrying if your what they need or want.

Stop Caring if your what they need or want.


You Do Not need a someone in your life.


Do you, Start worring about what you need and want, and go get it. Stop seeking love so early, real love takes time. So many people make the mistake of using the "I love you" so early in relationships and it hinders your ability to see the relationship for what it really is. Your young and this is your time to experience, learn, enjoy, adventure and create who you are.


You want to be cared about and loved? seek out your family & friends, Above all, love and care about yourself.


I say this being a man that has been put through the ringer by a female that I had been with for 6yrs, I been through hell and tormented the past years.. and it still continues. There is much worse things than having a someone not want you anymore. Try defining love after you invested so much of your life into someone and they are able to damage it without a care in the world, complete indifference.

What it comes down to is they probaly didnt love you as much as they said they did. Its unfortunate people are like this, but you can always remember you loved them with what you had, that means love does exist.

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