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Masturbation Problem


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Hi just before I start my post I want to say that the u button on my laptop here is very... tempermental, so if there's any words that don't seem to make sense it's probably because I've missed that the u didn't come out haha.


Ok so here's my story. I masturbate a lot (or so I think compared to the amount I've gathered is normal) and will usually twice a day or more depending on the circumstances (I'm 18 and should be leaving home for university in a few months, so I'm still at home and at risk of being caught haha).


But what has started to creep up on me in the last week or two is an ache in my hand; particularly in my thumb and index finger and especially right after I have masturbated. Now I'm thinking I could have some kind of arthritis or maybe even repetitive strain injury. I have found by chance that if I grip a bag of muesli it doesn't hurt if that is any extra information.


What I was wondering is if any of you out there could tell me if you have ever heard of this before and what it is but also if you have any ideas how to treat it? I would try any (sensible) old wive's tale type treatments too, anything to see if it will help.



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Have you been doing a lot of writing lately?

It sounds like the kind of hand-cramp that a person might get from long hours of handwriting.

Heck, it may even be related to the way that you use the touchpad/'mouse' on your laptop.


Unless your masturbation sessions are really long events, and/or you grip extra tightly and always in the same position, I highly doubt that they are the cause of the hand aching.


If it's bothering you, though, it can't hurt to try some different techniques.

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Funnily enough my trial exams for my HSC (its the Aussie second last end of high school exams) start tomorrow which had me on here because I REALLY don't wanna not be able to do my best (especially in the wordy English exam tomorrow) because my hand is in pain.


My masturbation usually lasts between 5-25 min, depending if I want to hold out longer. I don't think I grip tight either but I do tend to be in the same position and do the same thing over and over.


I've looked at different techniques on the internet but nothing very appealing so far do you have any ideas about that? Or anything you think could ease the pain?


Thanks for replying

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Maybe it's just because of using the mouse: I have that kind of pain after longer gaming sessions because your hand is always in the same crippled position.


I'd say that you have to practise more on what internetporn really is about: The art of one-handed typing !


Or just watch streaming video's that have a longer duration ... less clicking ( unless you constantly click to the better parts )


I just find it hard to believe that you'd get arthrite from playing with your meatflute ... I mean what the hell ? Is yours made out of steel, lol ?

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