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Anal scary


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It can be and it will hurt MORE than vaginal sex.


Seriously, wait on any form of sex. You're obviously not comfortable discussing sex yet and that's something that's required for a happy healthy sex life.


You're 14, chill out. Go enjoy other things with your boyfriend, like getting to know him and learning to communicate. Not just about sex either. Go skating, bowling, walk around town, study. Learn about his personality. You have a long life ahead of you. This boy isn't someone who will stay around forever. He sounds like someone's trying to take advantage of you and your inexperience in life. What 14yr old boy suggest anal sex with his gf? None that I know of.

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i have done it twice wit my ex fiance,after we broke up haha...it hurt, took awhile to even attempt to get use to it. but if its with someone ure very comfortable wit then the experience is not as bad as it sounds. wait until ur definitely comfortable tho, no need to rush or plan.

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