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Why did you marry your spouse?

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Well, to put it plainly, I married my husband because I love him and I had learned that our lifestyles, desires, and interests were compatible.


As for the attributes that made me want to build a life with him -

-He's very kind and loving.

-We have many of the same interests.

-He treats me with respect and values me as a human being.

-He is affectionate enough to make me happy but also listens when I need him to back off.

-I can have an intellectual conversation with him, but we can also have a conversation meant purely for laughter.

-Our methods of handling finances and money are the same.

-We have the same opinions on having children.

-He's not perfect, but his imperfections are ones I can live with.


That's a very abridged and general list, but those are the qualities I think are most important in my decision to marry him.

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