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And that is the end of that....

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I moved out of my ex's place today. I got all my things and moved into my very own apartment.


My ex wasn't there (I specifically told her I didn't want her there). Well, given my emotions from finding out yesterday that she has a boyfriend, I wasn't very nice to her in our communications to finalize things today. Mature? Hardly. But whats done is done and I don't give a (you know what).


I tore up pictures, left them on her bed.......I broke a couple of frames that we bought while on vacations together. And I apparently locked the cat out of the apartment. I think on the balcony cause I didn't see him in the hall when i left. Needless to say, I received a very nasty email from my ex about 2.5 hours after I left. She basically told me that my behavior today was why we couldn't be together (never mind that she is sexually confused) and that I am NEVER to contact her again.


Well I had no intentions of reaching out to her so I deleted her off MSN (she already did me the honor of erasing me after her email) and my phone. I blocked her email address so that if for any reason she ever decided to go back on her word, her email would be automatically be deleted.


So that chapter is closed. For good. We are neighbors for the next week and then she is leaving the neighborhood. Don't let the door hit your *** on the way out.


How do I feel? The same as I did before - Indifferent. And free.


Onwards and upwards my friends.

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She cheated throughout the relationship and I foolishly stayed.


I wouldnt say after my actions today that I walked away with respect. But ill just chalk it up to a lesson learned


And im not sure of your situation however, the indifference comes from being apart for 7 or 8 weeks and knowing the girl I would have taken a bullet for, didnt even ever feel the same about me. And apparently likes men

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It's never nice when things dissolve into this, but break up's unearth the dirt in us all. I've followed your situation iBroken, don't beat yourself over acting like that after how she treated you in the relationship. You can still walk away with your dignity intact. Just keep walking this time. All the best pal.

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Yes, I have no plans of ever looking back or turning back.


This girl has really cut a hole in my heart. She is very selfish and has no qualms about destroying other people to get what she wants.


'Im not beating myself up. Given the circumstances of the situation and relationship, I can see how I lost it. None of my other break ups have ended this way. I'm a very sweet person, but once you have crossed me, I will mess you up.

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