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I have been doing so much better lately the past few weeks in regards to my ex, with who my relationship ended a little over a year ago. It is amazing how far I have come in the last month, my mood is so much better and I am actually a little excited about the prospect of meeting other guys. I now feel ready to begin dating more and I have about given up hope of things with my ex, even though we are still in LC which I would like to continue to keep the communication doors open.


The thing is - last night, I woke up with a dream about him and it really got to me. In the dream, the ex and I were getting married. Well, talk about waking up to a sudden disappointment. Then, a little while ago, I was feeling tired so I took a quick nap - and again I was awakened to a dream about my ex that was pretty intense. I had a lot of dreams earlier on, but I can't seem to grasp why they are now hitting me again when I am feeling so much better. Also, not sure if it is related, but I have had a horrific time sleeping in general lately. Any suggestions? I hate having these dreams to remind me of things, and I just want them to STOP! In a way I wonder if this is due to me working through feelings of beginning to date again, kind of like laying the old relationship to rest? I don't know.

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