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stomach ache after eating

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I am 13, i have depression(dysthymia) which i am taking some pills for and anxiety.

Every time I eat or drink i get a bad stomach ache that will not go away. its been like that since i had depression. Now I avoid eating and drinking as much as possible. I'm getting more depressed because i can't eat. Does having depression have any thing to do with regular stomach aches after meals?


pls help very hungry

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Never had this problem myself, have you talk to your parents about this. I ask because it may be something with your health, I know that before I had my gallbladder out I had alot of belly aches after eating. Do you have to go to the bathroom #2 alot?


Talk to your parents, let them know whats going on.

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Yea, you may want to talk to your doctor about this, it could be a side affect of your meds or it could be something more serious, tell you parents, let them know what your feeling and also let them know that your not eating.


Not eating will cause your body alot of stress. It will make you feel sick and bring your energy down, which of course will add to your depression.

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Maybe its the food your eating, have you tried something that doesnt have alot of fat and grease in it.


Like, I eat alot of granola bars, I know everyone thinks their nasty, but they dont upset my stomach and they fill me up. I also have a hard time eating, there are some days I have to force myself.


Or maybe you can eat little meals until your body accustomes itself to food again. How long has this been going on? You may have shrunk your stomach.

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I agree with sidehop about the meds. Some meds can or should be taken with food to avoid stomach upset. You might want to ask your doctor if this is the case with yours.


In the meantime, you might try a liquid or soft foods diet to ensure you get some essential vitamins, nutrients, protein, and calories. For example try smoothies, slim fast or ensure, apple sauce or apple juice, etc. It's better if you can eventually eat solid foods but you can at least sustain yourself with liquids in the meantime.


**update - I noticed you said every time you eat or drink. Are any liquids okay? Surely water, maybe apple juice shouldn't upset your stomach. Soy milk? Yogurt?

Ginger and honey tea helps me a lot. Studies have shown that ginger is excellent for fighting nausea.

I don't know if it's stomach acid or something else but there are lots of good OTC stomach remedies that might help. ***


Good luck!

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