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Chatted after 2 months of NC

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Ugh, got drunk tonight and saw my ex on AIM. I IM'd her and we chatted for about 30 mins. First time I have spoken to her in about 2 months. Been broken up a year now but fooled around a few months ago. She left me for another guy...I know, total doormat I was. She ended the convo tonight and I feel bad for even talking to her. I haven't really met a girl that I felt the same way about as I did with her. I can realize that I will never be with her again and if I ever was it wouldn't be the same but I shouldn't have even talked to her tonight. Basically just chit chatted about what we're up to...not much different than when we broke up except my band is doing pretty well. Ughhhh now I'm in a bad mood!

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