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How to get a job?

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I'm very shy and have no confident in myself. I have no experience and I felt like an idiot being unable to speak very well. I'm trying my best to overcome my low self-esteem but it often just come back every now and then, telling me how useless I am. And how no one in their right mind would hire me.


But I will try my best and hopefully I can get some great advices from everyone. I have a few questions if anyone can give me some pointers.


How do you write a resume? I find that most examples of resume are a tad exaggerated. Should I write an honest report or make it sounds, you know, a bit over my ability. But then, what exactly are my abilities? How do you know what you are good at, because I feel like I'm not really good at anything, everything is just average... And I only have a H.S diploma.


Where should I go to find work? I'm keeping my eyes on Craig's list.


Lastly, I keep seeing ads with "based on experience" or to be discussed in person. How do I know what amount to ask or if they're giving me a bad deal because I'm new. I know I should get a lower payment for being new and all, but how do I know I'm getting a lot less than other people in the same position?


I'm trying to apply for assistant jobs and helping out in Child Care Center. If anyone worked there before could give me a few tips, it would be much appreciated.

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I'm also currently looking for a job. I don't have any real work experience but I have some volunteer work that I put in my resume. For me, craigslist wasn't that helpful because the people who would reply back to me were spammers... so watch out for that. I've found some things on link removed..but it turned out to be one of those door-to-door selling jobs that I'm not interested in. I've also looked on link removed and link removed. Currently I'm trying to work with a temp agency and they're trying to help me find a job. It's called Office Team. Maybe they can help you? So far, they've helped me get two job interviews. Good luck in your search!!

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Thanks for your reply, good luck to you too!


I volunteered at child care center before, it was fun so I would like to go there again. But I think the work there is more sacred since most people are high schooler trying to finish their community hours.

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You can try to work at a bank for some experience. They are very easy on hiring people. I used to work for Bank of America. They only require a HS diploma, no criminal record, basic math, 1-year of retail, and smile throughout the interview. You can apply at any bank's website and they'll give you a call withing 1-week to 3-months (yes TD bank actually called me 3 months after I applied). A great benefit for working at Bank of America is TUITION REIMBURSEMENT! Yeah they'll pay for your classes up to $2500 PT or $5000 FT. With that help you can at least get an associates from your community college. If you like the bank and stay there you'll be promoted to the lobby where you get to greet people while they train you to become a banker. And if you stay long enough you can become assistant manager then manager.

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For some reason, I have a really bad impression on Bank of America. I forgot where I read it, but somewhere a few people commented how badly BOA treated them.


Also, can anyone recommend me some book about tax. They are very confusing. How does the gov't determine your income tax and tax returns?

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People complain because they get fees or wait long. Of course you get fees if you don't pay on time. There are always people complaining. the website you are talking about is link removed - but then again there are ihates for everything. I worked there for 8 months and it was fun.

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Hey Melodi,

Pick up form 1040 from irs website. The attachment/booklet for 1040 will talk a lot about taxes (maybe a lot more than what you want to hear )


Resumes - Well, its about highlighting your past education/achievements/experiences but at the same time, gearing it towards a job you are looking for. So, a tad bit exaggeration is fine. Blatant lies and out of the whack results (saying you managed 100 people when you have no college degree might be too much) would hurt you. So, you need to carefully word your experiences.


There are some good books on how to write resumes. I liked the book called 'Vault's guide to resume writing'. You can buy it online too. But maybe its for people with graduate degrees and experiences. So, it may not be a good fit for you.


Let me know if I can help in any way. Good luck with everything Melodi

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