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Not understanding my friend??


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I don't get it!! So, we hook up after 17 years.. Fool around a bit, I tell him how much I have always loved him. We kiss goodnight.. I say I love you so much.. He says I love you so much too. Then goes off and gets married?? What the heck???? Hurting!!

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How soon afterwards did he get married? Was he seeing this woman when you guys hooked up?


Perhaps he said "I love you" in the moment, really feeling it at the time. Or perhaps he meant he loves you in the way that a friend loves another friend. Maybe he just said it because you said it. Maybe he felt it, but it didn't equate into: "I want to be with you."


It sounds like you were expecting some form of relationship or commitment after hearing those words, and you are confused now because you aren't in a relationship with him?

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10 days after I saw him. I don't think he said it in the heat of the moment cause we were not in the moment when it was said. You see, him and I have just clicked forever. He told me if he had pursued me he would have done so many thing's in his life diff. I guess the tming was alwaays off for us. that makes me sad. I always felt his love for me was very genuine and to him I was rather unique.. As he said that many times over the years. When he held my face with his hands and looked right through my soul with his eyes .. It was amazing. I felt like he could see right though me.. Very strong deep connection. Same thing I felt years ago. So sad in a way to see him married. I have convinced myself it should have been him and I. Ouch!! This hurts!!

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