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Need advice regarding my first ever meetup!

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Hi all,


I decided out of frustration to set up my own meetup. I am not an extravert and it's out of my comfort zone, but I did so anyway.


I have 68 women so far who have joined my group. I set a meetup for this coming Sunday for a limit of 12 people. I have 11 yes RSVPs, 1 maybe and 18 waiting. I chose this little hole in the wall as the prices are cheap and they sell pizza by the slice. I'm on a budget and figure maybe others are too.


The place doesn't take reservations and has 30 chairs. I've been told by the owner not to worry and just come in and "the place is all mine." Still, what happens if I get there and there aren't 12 chairs together? I'll have these people I've never met before with no place to go. So would you change the venue if you were me to make sure it's a bigger place and open the meetup to more people? What happens if people don't check their meetup calendar and I change the venue and they show up at the original place? This may seem like a dumb question, but I don't know what to do and this worrying over things isn't making it a FUN experience for me.


Thanks for all thoughts.

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