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i'm stumped


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Three months ago I tried to ask this girl out. She works in a different department, and every now and then she walks by my department, and I was attracted to her. Every time she passed by, we'd smile and talk for a minute and then move on. I asked her out, and she said that she had a serious boyfriend. Since she needed my help every now and then, I looked her up on facebook and sent her a message to not hesitate to ask for help. Few weeks later, she replied with a joke, and I added her as a friend, a request she later accepted.


Then I went on a leave of absence for 3 months. The last day before I took the leave of absence, she was really in a bind, and I helped her out. I also told her that I was taking a leave of absence to take a test that she had taken a few years ago, and that I was going to be out for 3 months. She didn't make a big deal out of it, and I was ready to just get over her.


Finally I came back to work last week, and I saw her day before yesterday. When I saw her, I was shocked, because I wasn't expecting her to be there (I thought she had gone to a different company/department). I think she was just as shocked to see me as well. Now I was trying to avoid her because I thought that it'd be really awkward to kind of run in to her. So a couple of times, if I was about to get out of my chair, and saw her, I'd sit back down. Few hours later, I was walking in a hallway which dead-ends into one that she was walking on. On the T-junction, she saw me and waived at me. I waived back, but was still hoping that she keep walking so that there wouldn't be any awkward conversations or anything. But, she stopped, waited for me, and then started a conversation!! She asked me how my test went, and we had a good 10 minute conversation. I told her that I'd love to get her help on a thing for my essay, and even though she didn't commit, seemed okay with helping me. Then she asked for my help with something that she was stuck on, and I helped her out. She also said that "you are a life saver, and I'll never forget this".The thing is she didn't NEED my help, but she still stopped and started a conversation (really rare for a girl to start a conversation).


So far, the score reads 2-0. I've helped her twice and it looks like she wants to help me. Do you guys think that she broke up with her boyfriend over the last 3 months, and she wants to go out?


Was she being just nice and friendly (she actually is too nice and polite a person...even when she said no the first time, she was very very polite), or was she trying to drop a hint for me to ask her out again? I know that she works tomorrow (12 hours from now).


What should I do??? I'm really stumped!](*,)

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I don't think you should do anything, infact I think you're doing more than enough, now. Helping her out with her work is cool, but you can't do it all the time. Reason being, you don't want her to start calling you to the rescue for simple things she can do herself. Then it starts getting out of hand and becomes almost expected of you. If it really starts to bother you, if you notice she's having a common problem, educate her on how to correct her work by herself by showing her whatever it is that you do.

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I'm not reading any of her actions as signs of interest. It's normal to chat at work and it's natural that co-workers help each other out with things in the office. Since you've already asked her out, I wouldn't persue it again. In time, you'll be able to figure out if she's single (on facebook?) or if she's interested. Right now I'd say things seem to be about the same as before you left...a casual/friendly hi, chit chat and some assistance with work problems.

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