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Ex wants me to come stay with her


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My ex and I hung out over this past weekend. She staid with me for three nights. It was a lot of fun. She had to go back home yesterday (She lives 4hrs away). But she wants me to come down and stay with her for some time because I have nothing left to do this summer. I am thinking about it. If I do it will only be for about a week. Heres some background on us. We dated for 1yr and 6months. And were broken up for 2yrs. She did have a bf during the time and told me she was with him because of how we ended. They broke up for good in april. We basically have made everything between us almost normal again. We started talking again in march. I think Im just nervous about rushing back into things. One of the reasons why we broke up was because I was always there. And Im not like that any more and if Im staying with her in a place that I dont know too many people I will be with her most of the time. And I feel like that might annoy her. But she is the one telling me to come down. I also think she might just be doing this for comfort and just wants somebody to be with her. But she has told me she is in love with me and want s to be with me. Does anyone think this is a bad idea? Am I over thinking things?

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What if you visit her for the weekend to see how things go? I would have my doubts of her telling you that she's in 'love' when you two haven't reconnected all this time and just getting back together.


Your hunch might be right at this point about her being in comfort. Trust your instinct, go slow.

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