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Is a cheat always a cheat?


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It's really not possible to label every cheater as 'likely to cheat again'. From another point of view, just because someone has never cheated doesn't mean they won't do it in the future.


Some people will cheat again and again, on every person they end up with. Whereas some people might cheat once, and that even depends on whether you define cheating as limited to sex or including kissing or sexting, and feel so terrible about it that they never do it ever again.


Sometimes a person will have cheated on one partner, but will be completely faithful to the next one. The cheating in a previous relationship may have been a symptom of a bad couple rather than a perfect relationship spoiled by infidelity. But then likewise, some people will ruin every relationship they have with a lack of self-control.


But - since she's not your girlfriend, do you need to worryy about it?

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It depends, if your talking about someone who cheated or a cheater. There is a huge difference. Anyone is capable of making a mistake. Those people can have a healthy monogamous relationship. Cheaters do so for a variety of reasons with no intent of changing. Some do it for their ego, others for the chase, some will simply never be satisfied with one partner.

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