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create a band

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hey people, I've always loved music, that's all I think and I wanna think about

so I'm thinking about create a band but here(who I live) have not a lot of people who want it because they don't listening a lot of my music style like rock, hard rock, heavy metal, metal punk, alternative...so I baseat my music on this stuff...even if you'r not from my town just tell me anyway if you like the idea, 'cause my idea is start on youtube(the only way I guess) so tell me anyway and we put all the videos together like it was one and that's pretty much that...of course when we have a big number of followers and views we will have the possiblity of start for real and there we will have too the possiblity of being together for real too

so tell me cause I need a person who play drums, another for bass and another for guitar...well i love sing but I can play guitar too plus I usually write songs(but everybody can do it) even if in the start is better start with covers like everyone I think so....Please just tell me something....

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Sounds like a good idea, but you don't have to just put your music on Youtube. There are probably plenty of opportunities to play in your local area. Even if you can't find a paying gig at first, you could take two people and two guitars and play some of your songs at an open mic night. Lots of bars and coffee shops have those.

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Since I have been on ena I have found there are quite a few musically orientated talented/gifted people here who come and go.


The possibility of creating music via internet regardless of distance has always been appealing but how much distance is too much?


I personally have thought about it as it is hard to find people where I live interested in breaking away from the norm as metal, death metal & screamo are the big thing here.


Stereotypical tattooed up, four or five piece band consisting of Drums with double kick, Bass, Two guitars with metal zone pedals and a singer who either screams or growls to the point where you can not understand a word they are saying.


Since then I have gone to using computers and making tracks on my own.


The catch is you are the only driving force.

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