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Don't know what to do.


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My ex-girlfriend and have broken up, after her holiday she told me she still loved me but wasn't in love with me. But previous to the holiday we were fine.


Could it be that after an exciting holiday she's confused?


When she said all of this on the phone, I was obviously upset and there were some things she said about the relationship that wasn't working. Unfortunately I was too upset to remember.


Do I ask her to tell me again?


Very quickly she said I want to give it another go, but I'm not feeling like much effort has been put in on her behalf (Could it be sympathy for me or is it genuine?) and I don't really what to do.



Over the past few days my heads been all over the place, but now I'm settling in to being able to give her space but seeing as she's already said she'd like to give us another go I don't know if that's the right thing to do. I don't want to seem, uncaring.


I go on holiday in a month and I want to go something to remind her why we were such a good couple for three years, is that a good idea?


We have a scrapbook, things are in it but nothing is stuck down. It was an idea to give it to her, if she wants to work on it we can do it together. If not, well. Although the ultimatium is a 50/50 chance.


Another was to go to see the new Phantom of The Opera. She's wanted to see that for a while and probably thought I forgot because it's been a while since it was released but really I was just waiting for her birthday but now I don't care if it could save what we had. Along with a few other things, before we were together I learnt how to make balloon animals, and for our first date I made her a bunch of balloon flowers - things like that etc...


There's probably more, I really am confused...

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Should I tell her that we shouldn't give it a go right away? I don't know what I need to figure out, I'm the one that knows what he wants. I just need to be patient. As I said I'm at the point where I can give her time, although it's only been a few days so far.

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