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I'm so confused


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This is my first post here so i really don't know what I am doing I just really need some advice. Last night my best friend I went out and i thought things where fine until she really really seemed annoyed at me. I couldn't figure out why then she said that I really drunk but I know this was just an excuse because I only had a few drinks and was still able to function properly. I have recently just being gaining confidence after a bad break up and a really bad relationship and I felt so good about myself last night and did get attention from some men. On top of her attitude about me drinking which is ironic considering I paid for all the drinks she wanted because we where out celebrating my new job. To make matters worse this guy she likes is now ignoring her and then outside after we left and he didn't say anything to her she started telling me that I am bi polar and yes i admit i have my issues but I really do not think its fair for anyone to say that... i am not bi polar i have had help because of problems in my family but she knows theirs nothing wrong with me.


I am really confused about what to do or say to her now and I am so angry any advice would be much appreciated



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Don't say anything until you aren't angry.


Also, if you had a few drinks, it's very possible that you were more drunk than you realised. Perhaps she feels you did or said something to ruin her chances with this guy. Were you kissing randoms? Did you kiss him? Or say anything about her to him?


Perhaps you can't remember.


Perhaps she can!

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