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Slow e-mail responses from ex

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Ok I posted here last week about my ex after 2 years contacts me out of the blue. Well she finally e-mailed me back.


She basically in her own way appoligized for what happened.


I wrote her back said it was cool its all in the past and continued the e-mail in a friendly manner mentioning things that were going on this summer around town and stuff.


But my question is. she has never got into any details or anything about whats been going on with her. I have asked her how she had been doing she didn't not answer to that.


also other than intialy asking me how I was doing in the first e-mail (which I responded with some very basic vague info)she has not since asked me anything personal about what I was doing or have been up to.


her e-mails are rather short and lacking of any information really.


Also any idea why does it take her a week to reply to my e-mails?? I mean I know she is on the computer almost everyday or at least checks e-mail.


Just looking for insight, or thoughts or am i reading way too much into this and its only she wanted to say she was sorry cause her conscience was bothering her and she doesn't want a friendship or any other sort of realtionship with me. Did she just want to clear her guilt and be on her way?

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My friend I think you're looking too much into it. A lot of times when people contact you out of the blue they are probably doing so out of curiosity and once that feeling is satisfied then they tend to disappear until they next time they get that itch again.


The emails you are getting from her sounds like something I would send an acquaintance I haven't talked to in a long time not a close friend.


I know a lot of times people try to be friends after a relationship ends but not all situation warrants it. In the right situation it may work but it has to come natural and not something forced.


Just leave her alone if I was you. The only person you need in your life is yourself

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