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Another thread about my neighbor

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Honestly, this really confused me.


I kept on hearing a banging out in the hall, so finally I got up to open the door and check. I wanted to know if it was the wind causing that noise (there's an open door to the outside that all the tenants use, and I had left it open.)


However, it was my neighbor, going in and out of his apartment. I said hello, and mumbled out that I was wondering what the noise was, because I didn't know if it was the wind. He acted weird, and kept on interrupting me, while I was trying to talk. Then he said, no, it was him, he just got back and now he was going for a walk. So I said okay, and he said that he'd talk to me when he got back.


I was literally confused by the whole exchange, because first of all, I wasn't approaching him to 'talk to him.' I actually wanted to be left alone tonight; I don't feel well, and didn't feel like talking to anyone. And secondly, if he only came back and left again as I was talking to him, why was there at least 7 bangs in rapid succession of his door?


I'm not a nosy neighbor or anything, but honestly, he was acting weird. Plus, it was storming...why would he want to go out walking in the rain?


This is how socially retarded I am, I just don't understand this. Plus, when he got back, he didn't 'talk to me', and he has my phone number. After that, I was expecting him to knock on my door or something (not that I cared; like I said, I wanted to be left alone tonight.)


Can someone clue me in to why my friend was acting this way?

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Well, I know he smokes pot (he's told me, and I've smelled it before.) So maybe he was high?


Regardless, I'm not going to worry about it. The noise has stopped; he's stopped slamming doors.


This isn't a regular occurrence. This is actually the first time he's done this, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

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Talk to the other neighbors and see if they have problems with the door slamming. If they do, knock on his door and let him know that his door slamming has been disrupting the people around him. Or leave a note (but I think face to face is more polite). If he still slams doors, talk to your landlord.

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