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Stuck in a horrible position

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I cant attend school anymore because I need a $40,000 loan due to bad decision making (housing). I need to pay $4500 within 120 days or my credit will be messed up. I cant get a job anywhere, and don't have a car. Things are rough with the girlfriend at times.


Im ready to just give up, but that won't do any good.


Anyone have any tips, or anything? I feel trapped.

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Break everything down into smaller pieces, or you'll get too overwhelmed. Is the $4500 for back-tuition? What is it from? Have you called to set up a payment plan? As for not getting a job, all you can do is keep at it, pound the pavement. Don't just look online or in ads, most jobs are unadvertised. I have a friend who couldn't find a job. One day, she went in and dropped a resume off at a store on the off chance that they might be hiring and not have advertised it... right after they had someone walk off the job. Needless to say, she was hired.


I know how limiting it is not to have a car. Is transit bad in your area? It sure is in mine. I couldn't even apply for jobs accross town because it's just so unreliable. Can your parents or grandparents help out with getting a car?


What's going on with you and your girlfriend?


Cheer up It'll all be okay

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Well be proactive with your creditors. Believe it or not they don't want you to default and become a credit risk. That makes them no money and costs them money in the long run. So if you are upfront and do your best to ask/work on solutions you can turn just about anything around. That said, if you end up defaulting and getting a negative credit history, remember it's not forever nor the end of the world. (banks/corporations default daily on loans and never give it a second thought) You can repair that stuff. You can exist without credit as you repair things. The key is be active in fixing things, don't hide and hope it all goes away. That's what gets folks into trouble. Don't be embarrassed and not ask for help. Everyone goes through rough times and bad patches. So ask for help! If you are in the US check out this site; link removed

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