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Hey ya'll should i ask her on a date?


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SOO i think that i am going to ask my ex out on a date and see if i can nudge this thing on a little bit because ive been nc and known im lc and have been for the past 3 weeks and my friends tell me that i should just give up but maybe im just stubborn i dont know but i just really have this feeling that we can make it work so thats why i want to ask her on a date to like maybe dinner or nmaybe paintball park or something fun and see how she reacts because i really dont want to give up hope. But if things dont go well on the date then ill hang up the gloves and send her a closure letter in just really dont want this to end but im tired of hurting....what do u guys think?


another idea is that i might go NC again and wait till she contacts me....but that was just torture.

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If you're thinking about a closure letter upon failure, I'd suggest you're not ready yet. You need total closure with yourself before you think about starting again. Saying "no" should be closure enough if it goes down that way.


By your post it does seem like you're not ready and setting up for heartache, though, in all honesty.

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