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Weird signals from the ex

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The other day I attended a small gathering with friends and the ex was there. When another friend asked me about a guy I had a brief encounter with (sort of dated, but not really), the ex suddenly got up and left. Our other friend got up and went after him but won't tell me what was said.


Before this incident, I heard that a couple months ago he was asking another friend about me ("have you talked to her? this is what I heard is going on.." "I don't even want to talk about her, I'm going to go drink." "we can't be around each other.")


A couple of mutual friends have tried talking to him, saying that he needs to rethink our drama etc, but he just tells them to stay out of it.


I have no idea whats going on. He acts like he hates me and thinks I'm crazy (which he has every right to, as I was acting crazy due to a lot of stress). He won't talk to me about what happened to our relationship, and I've gotten to the point where so much time has passed that I just want to start fresh.


Any ideas?

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Sounds like he is grieving the loss of the relationship, which is normal behavior.


i don't think so....i tried talking to him during the winter, and he didn't reply, but told a couple other people what I told him. He treated it like it was a joke.


It's like he's just confused. IDK.

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The signals are weird if he is the dumper, but if he is the dumpee, they are very normal. I was dumped about 3 months ago, and am getting along fine, but still do not want to be around my ex or know anything about her. She would love to be my friend, but no thanks.


If he dumped you, it is weird behaviour IMHO.

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