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Reconciliation with girl carrying baggage.


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Hello all, I broke up with my GF of 6 months about 3 months ago. We went LC for some time but have recently been talking and hanging out a fair bit.


Pretty much the reason we broke up was because she has some issues relating to her father and childhood that causes anxiety for her. Neither of us carried all the blame, although I wasn't as supportive as I should have been and approached the situation the wrong way, often taking her actions personally and generally making things worse. She has also admitted that she let her issues get a hold of her as she became too dependant on me.


After increasing contact with her I can see she really wants to get on top of her issues, she is getting professional help and being really positive about the whole thing.


She told me when we broke up that she doesn't want to date anyone until she sorts herself out because she knows it will end the same way we did. We see each other around twice a week and we keep it pretty friendly.

She's a great girl and I'd love to try again with her, but at the same time I don't want to rush into anything and have things end the same way.


I guess what I'm asking is it best to just keep on seeing her as I am, supporting her where I can but not treating her like she's still my girlfriend. I'm kinda at the stage where if something was to happen with someone else I would probably go for it, as I don't want to wait around for this girl and build myself up for disappointment, but she is such a sweet girl who I really enjoyed being with and I miss that.


Thanks for reading

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I would move on and see where it lands you with a new girl. Life is about experiences, try to get out there and see how you feel about the next "few girls". You can be her friend, but stop at that. Treatment, who knows if she is going to think of you in the same way again. I would not wait around for that.

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thanks for your input, thats kinda the train of thought i have right now. you're right in that I shouldn't wait around for her, I guess if anything happens in the future then it happens, if not then oh well, im a better person for it

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