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My best friend!!!!

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First and foremost I have to thank you all for your wonderful advice! It took me lots of time to realize it but after all the “poop” I went through I finally found the right man for me. He supports everything I do, is positive about my decisions, and compliments me in every way imaginable. We proposed to me on my deceased mothers Birthday of which he had no idea. Also ask my father the night before so in my mind he was not only obtain my fathers approval but also my mothers! It was so significant to us that we decided to get married on my mother birthday next year to honor her since she will not be present at her only daughter wedding, Which I’m sure would have wanted to attend more than anything!


As for my prior post/conversations/ dealings with the men I have spoken of…. I find it surprising that they have found out that I was engaged and actually found the time to contact me, expressing there remorse over treating me so terribly. I’m ok with all that I have endured, although I must say it’s funny when all the blame of a failed relationship (that was place so much on you) is suddenly apologetic for the faults of the other person.


I’ve had the advantage of learning through all of these people, deciding what I like, especially not letting a person control me, but most of all I learned about me!!! I know what I like, what I want, what I’ll deal with, what I won’t.


I found my soul mate! We are one in the same. We understand each other. I hope everyone out there finds their best friend as well. Love you all and wish the best for you!

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