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Legit Confused About Sexuality

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Alright, how do I start this off. I've known I was attracted to men from pretty much middle school. When I was younger, though, I had a crush (or though I did) on one girl. After that, though, I've developed many crushes on guys and even fallen in love with a long-time guy friend. But recently, I've been heavily confused. I'll tell you why. I have OCD, and have always suffered from sexually intrusive thoughts about both genders, but more-so about girls. I like girls, I think they can be real fun, but as friends. I can't accept the thought of actually being with a girl. But I can and have thought about being with guys for a long time. I enjoy straight and gay porn, but I've never liked lesbian porn. My mind's just been really hammering me with thoughts about liking girls. I mean, I use words like "pretty" and "beautiful" to describe good looking females, never "hot" or "sexy". Ahh, this is the last thing I thought I'd be confused about, but it's happening. ](*,) Any help?

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Do you have to put a label on your sexuality? I mean... why not just go with it?


I truly believe that sexuality is a continuum. Actually, I think there was a study about this. Only 10% of people are 100% heterosexual and 10% of people are 100% homosexual. The rest fall somewhere in between.


Google 'Kinsey scale'. It may help you a lot.

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I read some quite good advice recently about stereotypes. Stereotypes are generally unhelpful - they try to squeeze people into tiny boxes and categories. Avoiding stereotypes is a good idea. instead, be an individual - who you are - and develop that. I think this was excellent advice. There is great diversity in the world. Celebrate individuality and your own individuality! Avoid stereotypes! Be free!!!!


That said, this thought alone might not provide all the answers for you.

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Not even all straight men like lesbian porn.


Like the others said, Google the Kinsey Scale.


Also, because you mention you had a crush on one particular girl and fell in love with one particular guy, I'd hedge my bets that you are open to both genders and that you fall in love with individuals. So why beat yourself up about which gender to go for or how to label yourself and just focus on finding a special someone?

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