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I liked this girl but after a year i found out that she hates me


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I met this girl on youtube and she was very nice. We iChatted every night and we liked each other a lot until recently. I have always been not so attractive to girls, and I like this girl A LOT she seemed to like me too but recently she refused to talk to me, called me a stalker and wants me to leave her alone forever. I'm trying my best to stop talking to her because that is what she wishes and because i don't want to irritate her.


She told me to die and I actually have tried killing myself by drinking bleach but failed i've also started cutting myself recently. I always have an urge to talk to her and when i do she tells me to go away and die so i quit skype and curl up on the bed and start sobbing while hugging a pillow for comfort. I don't have many friends i have about 2 because no one likes me. Please help me not to get her to like me but to help me get through this hard time.


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Listen up lil bro, I know what you are experiencing right now is very overwhealming. But you must believe me when I tell you not to make it something its not. what I mean is turning it into the end of the world. Its not the end of the world. You should start looking at all the girls at your school immediately to find another girl to think about when this one comes to mind. Its not a magical solution but it works. Especially cause you are surrounded by girls your age everyday. You say you aren't attractive to girls... but you 'just got here' if you know what I'm sayin....give it some time. Finally, I hope you remember this advice. NO PERSON is worth killing yourself over. So she told you to die... laugh at her and tell her "one day I will, and one day you will too." Its the truth. Don't drink bleach, don't cut yourself. Get up and kick the world's butt! you have your whole life ahead of you and you can do anything you want if you try hard enough. Best of luck

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You're only 13 years old, kid. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if you're seriously cutting yourself and drinking bleach it's time to develop a thicker skin.


Since I don't know what your situation is, I can't give any real personal advice but I highly suggest you talk to your parents and consider seeing a professional counselor. Life is a wonderful thing, and to throw it away because of some random girl on the internet told you to die is an absolutely terrible idea (and so is trying to start an online relationship when you're barely a teenager, but I digress...).


Also, keep in mind this is the internet... ENA is a very kind and respectful forum but when you get into places with a lot of 13-24 year olds you have to almost expect cruelty to the extreme. I mean, hell, I've been told by people to seriously kill myself on the World of Warcraft forums because I disagreed with them over a video game. Given the anonymous nature of the internet, it's easy for jerks to go berserk given that their actions have relatively no consequences.

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God I feel old. I hear these days this is called being "emo". I shouldn't have to tell you this, because it's obvious, but being emo, needy, clingy, and otherwise socially dependent on other people is NOT attractive to normal members of the opposite sex.


My old fart opinion: start watching some John Wayne movies and emulate THAT guy, not the girlie boys from Twilight.


Also, to end on a more caring note: I've been there before, I know that what hurts the most isn't that she's not into you, but that she actively dislikes you. Keep a journal and write about your feelings but let them pass. Learn to love yourself and you'll find that, to your surprise, you could give a crap about what other people think, no matter how attractive they are.

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