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the journaling.....

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...may have saved me....


i am 7 months out of a breakup...6 mos of NC and he initiates contact...i didn't respond for a week, then i sent a text message and he asked if he could call, i said 'no, but i'll let you know'..my heart started skipping beats even after all this time...BUT


i sat back and reflected and what really helped me was to go through my journal and look back on how MISERABLE i was and how far i had come....even towards the end of our relationship, i was depressed about everything, and looking at my own words and remembering my own pain help to snap me back into reality. (since then, i've met a great guy and we've recently started to date)


JOURNAL EVERYTHING, people...because when we look back at our relationships, sometimes we don't see it for what it was and we forget how much pain the other person put us through...think long and hard about ever taking someone back who would hurt you in the first place.


had i not written this down, though, i wouldn't be seeing it for what it was today..

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