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Hi everyone! I have been talking with this guy at work for over a year now. We see each five nights out of the week. We have developed a really good friendship over this time period. I really likehim as more of a friend but nothing has come of it. I think he feels the same way I do, but I am good at hiding how I feel and so does he. We have alot in common and if given the chance to go out...I believe we would have a really great time.


My problem is that he is being transferred to another route as of next Monday and we will not see each other like we have been. I am really bummed out about it all and so is he. He doesn't want to start another route and really wanted to stay on the one he has. I really don't want to have any regrets about not saying how I feel to him and what he means to me. He has helped me through some really tought times over the past year. I don't want to look back and think could of should of.


I want to write him a letter to say how I feel etc... I am a total chicken when it comes to saying it face to face. I also don't want to say anything too soom because if I do I don't want it to be awkward between the two of us for the last few days he's around if I embarrass him or something to that effect. I guess is the letter a good way to go, and exactly when do you think I should say something. I have tonight, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and next Sunday then he's on his new route.


Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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If it's going to be a love letter, I think you should try say something face to face. I feel like if someone finds out they are liked through a letter, then they wouldn't really know how to act when they see that person next, and it could be awkward.

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