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Break NC?


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My ex broke up with me around the end of feb, but she kept in contact with me for a month. I've been no contact with her for about a month now (as of the 13th of may).


She has things that belong to me that i haven't gotten back yet, yet a month ago she was harassing me for my address to mail them to me and made it into a big deal that i get back to her with my info ASAP. Obviously she was doing it to get my attention...


Anyways, I'm considering break no contact to get my things, since she obviously doesn't plan on mailing them. I also get the feeling that she's keeping them so I'll eventually contact her, especially since after breaking up, i cut contact with her coldly and abruptly without telling her why (she treated me like dirt up to, and after the break up).



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Well, did you give her your address when she was harassing you? If so, why hasn't she sent your stuff? And if not, why?


Bottom line: If you need your things, then contact her and get them. If you don't, then leave it as it is.

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Yeah, I gave her my address and wished her well. Never heard from her since. I don't need my stuff, however it has sentimental value.



I also don't know why she hasn't sent my stuff. She acted VERY immaturely just prior to the break up, and up until no contact. She probably demanded my address as a means to get my attention since i was basically ignoring her once we broke up.

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Going and picking up your stuff will not affect your chances as long as you do just that: go there, pick up your stuff, leave. If she asks if you want to come in for a cup of coffee or anything, say no you are too busy. You have things to do and you are moving on nicely. This is the attitude you want to have.

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