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what happen to me?


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Well, this is driving me out!! I've liked a girl for like 2 years, recently declared to her but rejected, and I really got down 3 days ago because now she has boyfriend and he's a freaking * * * * * * * (he has even been expelled from our school!!), I think I was going to be depressed for like a month, but... I suddenly hang out with my ex (9 months ago we broke, 4 months ago I ask her go back, but rejected me, told me she didn't think could feel the same again) And she told me she likes a guy (she was messaging thru cellphone while hanging out) and he's a complete * * * * * * * too!! I've fighted 4 times him in the past!!


But what is going on with me?! Why do I still care for the 2 girls? Why when I just turn my head aside and see something I leave out all the rest and just have the girl of this side in my mind and keep it for a while and then the other girl? What should I do? I care of both girls, both have hurted me


I really like the one that just rejected me (more than my ex), but I miss those moments with my ex and she always is there when upset with the other girl!!

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