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How can vaginosis Bacteria cure forever...

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have any one read this book


"3 Days To Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief" i think its writen by

Kristina J Tomlin...


Apart from all those counter perscription, which only lasts for about less than three months, how can this bacteria cure forever... ...


Is there any one who has experience this,, n took medication , did it have any reoccurance?


How good is this book and where can i order it from????


thank you

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It's an ebook and it's a scam.


There is no secret cure to BV, only to:


Eat right consistently (as in no processed or fried food)


Don't sleep with underwear on


Drinking plenty of water


Don't wash down there with scented products just unscented soap or even just water, and don't wash underwear in scented detergents.


And apparently occasionally drinking vinegar and water keeps things going as they should in the stomach, and therefore the vagina/vulva.


Just treat your vagina with respect and take care of your body! It is easier said than done. And some people are just more prone to BV and yeast infections than others. Such as myself. It's a lifelong battle for some involving constant supervision.

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