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I have horrible work histoy/no work history.

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I am in a bit of a dilemma. I had to move back home with my parents after my ex broke up with me 6 month ago and they are forcing to kick me out if I do not get a full time job with benefits by the end of June. The problem is, I have barely any work history and the work history I do have is not good.


Basically, I suffer from social anxiety, and work has always been very very hard for me. When I have worked in the past, I basically feel like I cannot breathe the entire time and feel like I am in a state of panic all through my shift. Last time I worked was 3 years ago and I worked at a retail store for 4 months. One day I just walked out because of a very bad panic attack from the anxiety that had been building up since I started there. The last time I had a job before that was at a grocery store, which lasted for 9 months. That was the longest I ever worked anywhere. It almsot feels like having a job is so traumatic for me that I need years to recover after one. Here and there I have worked at some places for less than a month, but quit because I couldnt handle it.


I graduated with a BA in December so I do have education. I know I need to get a job because I need a place to live and I need health insurance. I would prefer to work at some kind of office job because I have very bad ankles and a bad back and cannot stand for hours at a time. I WANT to become independent. I am trying to change and help myself, but it's very daunting because of my past.


I have no references, really no work history from the past 3 years. I have no references or really any skills. I do have an education, which I hope is worth something to someone, but I dont know at this point. I have been struggling to figure out what to put on my resume or how to go about this job hunt. I have talked to some people that I know and asking if they know anyone who is hiring, but nothing has come of that.


The thought of going on an interview is absolutely terrifying to me, and I dont even want to think about it right now. I have also gone to my career center at school, but they have been no help AT ALL. No job leads or really any help with my resume because I have nothing to put on it. I'm not really sure what to do or where to start with my job hunt. My BA is a general liberal arts degree so I really have no specific skills. And I'm terrified that if I do manage to get a job, I will just walk out because I won't be able to handle it like with all of my previous jobs.

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I think your parents deadline is alittle unrealistic.


If i were you 1) I'd become a contributor in the household...clean, don't cause conflict, be pleasant etc...

2) A liberal arts degree while seemingly not monetary oriented is a great foundation. The ability to think is invaluable.

3)Do you have any passions, skills, etc...that could be worth something?

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