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Scared and Geat all at once


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So for the first time in my life I had a girl go down on me during lunch hour rush in a busy parking lot. I was so worried someone would see us but at the same time it was the greatest pleasure I have ever felt. Is this wrong? shouldn't I be worried this might become addicting? Has any one ever felt the rush and just kept wanting it again and again?

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ahhhh soooo whats the downside of the argument here? I fail to see the problem...lol...all I can say is, good job, keep it up.... literally...


I had a girl give me head while at work....at the cashier... was a great rush, so the problem isn't becoming addicted to it, it's a matter of getting it consistantly, thats the tough part.

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lol no corner girl. I have known her for years and we just started having fun. I was married and never had that kind of pleasure. Just seems since my divorce I have experienced so much more sexually then I ever did with my ex.


well see, thats the problem with marriage, you say "I do" to marriage, and "goodbye" to your sex life...

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That is so true it's not even funny. It was right after I said I do, she started saying I don't.


hahaha....aw thats terrible, well, at least you finally said, "I don't" yourself and moved on, and look at ya now, gettin bj's in the parking lot, I think your on the right track..

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